Membership Information

The following individuals are welcome in our communities:

  • Anyone who is a woman and/or non-binary person with a disability. We embrace the widest notion of woman, and include individuals who are intersex, transgender, or who otherwise identify as differently gendered. It is important that participants identify with women’s issues and are comfortable talking about them from a personal perspective.
  • We don’t care what your disability or health issue is, how severe it is, or how long you’ve had it. While we use the word gimp in our name, which is a reclaiming of a term that was traditionally derogatory towards people with physical disabilities, we welcome people with any type of disability. Again, we just care that you are comfortable talking about disability or health issues from a personal perspective.
  • Similarly, the term girl as we use it refers to a woman who takes a certain irreverent pride in her gender, not to chronological age. All women and/or non-binary people are welcome here. However, please note that some of the sites we have a presence on have age restrictions (such as Second Life and Facebook), and we must abide by their terms of service. Additionally, many topics covered are “adult” in nature (dating, sex, managing benefits, etc.) and adult language (cussing) is often used by members in most of our communities. We support the free speech of members as long as it is respectful to others.
  • Please note that you must personally identify with women’s and disability issues in real life – it is not enough (or even necessary) for your Second Life avatar or other online persona to be female or disabled.

The following people are welcome to join us at all our public events and websites:

  • Anyone who is interested in supporting the women with disabilities’ community from an academic, personal, or political standpoint. We welcome input and information from the larger public. We cannot accomplish our goals in a vacuum and we look forward to support from all different directions.
  • Researchers are a valued part of our community, but to ensure our goals are compatible, we require that you receive written permission from GimpGirl Community staff and participants before conducting research within the community. This allows us to keep this space safe for our members.
  • Anyone who is CURRENTLY the partner of a woman with a disability. Our partners are a big part of our lives and we welcome them into our organization and public events.

The following people are not welcome in our community or at our events:

  • People who are interested in the women with disabilities community for purely sexual reasons or who are here to seek a relationship with a woman with a disability are NOT welcome in this community. There are other communities that are set up for the purpose of dating and relationships, and while this is certainly a topic covered in our discussions, we must support a healthy and pressure-free environment for our members to speak their minds.