Code of Conduct

The following policies are intended to guide the interactions between members of the GimpGirl Community, as well as visitors to our communities. They apply to everyone in any community, website, group, or area run by the GimpGirl Community. Violation of these policies are grounds for removal from all of our communities at the discretion of the administrative team. If you have concerns about these policies or their implementation, please speak directly to a staff member. If concerns involve a staff member, please contact the GimpGirl Community director or advisory board members.

  1. All members are expected to treat other members with respect and dignity, and show consideration for the opinions and experiences of others. While we highly respect and encourage individual opinion, sharing opinions that specifically devalue the existence of others in our community spaces (such as racist, ableist or other hate speech comments) are not tolerated.
  2. All members are expected to work with facilitators and other members to create an inclusive, cross-disability accessible environment. No videos can be posted to any community space without closed captioning added. No pictures can be posted without a typed, plain text description attached. (See Best Practices for Accessible Posting for more information.) If someone needs time to type in synchronous, real-time chats, members are expected to respect that request.
  3. Do not “spam” any of our communities with unsolicited advertisements, ever. That includes business advertisements and personal items for sale. Generally we will open up a window for businesses owned by women with disabilities to advertise, but posts are only allowed for that window of time. Information about programs run by companies that are specifically for the benefit of the community may be posted if they are not advertising in nature, at the discretion of the administrative team.
  4. Petitions or fundraisers of any kind are not allowed in any GimpGirl communities and will be deleted immediately. If you wish to share your personal opinion, we encourage you to write an article or blog about how you feel. You can share the links to these opinion pieces.
  5. Individual members must never solicit money, services or goods from other members for any reason at any time by any means.
  6. All personal information (names, contact information, and unedited pictures, screenshots, video and audio) should not to be shared without an individual’s explicit permission, and should never be shared with a third party for any research or publication without written permission. This includes sharing personal information in our communities from outside interactions with others.
  7. When giving feedback to other members, share your own experiences and how you were personally able to deal with the situation, as opposed stating what someone should do. When giving factual information (such as when another member asks for help figuring out benefits), be sure to share the source you are getting the facts from (even if the topic is your area of expertise) so that others can verify the information if they chose to do so. Keep in mind the solutions that work for you may not work for others because other members may have a much different situation than you. GimpGirl is not responsible for any actions taken from misinformation or inaccurate advice sourced from our social networks.
  8. Obtain explicit consent from community administrators and others involved prior to logging, recording or sharing in any way any event or interaction from any one of our communities. In your request for permission, include the purposes for which the information will be used and who will have access. No GimpGirl Community member, student, educator or researcher is allowed to record or share transcripts in any form without explicit written permission from the GimpGirl Community director, as well as members involved in the event.
  9. To protect our members, all research projects must be preapproved by GimpGirl administration before posting them to this community. In order to get preapproved, please send study information (permission form, study contact such as professor name, university name, class syllabus if it is for a class, etc.) and your personal intentions for the work to us via the Contact Us  form on this website.
  10. Help to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak at meetings and events. Respect that members have varying disabilities and concerns in their lives that mean they may not be able to respond as quickly as other are used to.
  11. Help to ensure that everyone is aware that some individuals may take time to feel safe enough to openly talk about themselves, and that it is okay for them to just listen. Silence can be a form of participation, and being forced to contribute can be threatening.
  12. If you have concerns about someone’s member eligibility, discreetly bring your concerns to a staff member. It is not a member’s responsibility to confront other members.
  13. If you have concerns about someone’s behavior, please discretely notify a staff member.
  14. Please be aware staff may log or record member chat. Staff will make this known to the members involved and it will be maintained for internal use only.
  15. Anything discussed with staff, in confidence, will not be shared outside of the staff team, unless consent has been given by the member or an emergency situation arises that requires outside intervention.
  16. Due to safety issues, “devotees” (disability fetishists) and “medical pretenders/roleplayers” (people who pretend to have a disability that they do not have in real life) are not welcome in our communities.