GimpGirl Moves to a New Sim

GimpGirl Community’s current Second Life sim will be closing as of May 11, 2013. In June, we will have a new Second Life space set up and will notify everyone when it opens! Until then, we will be taking a break after May 11 from regular scheduled meetings, so our last meeting for a few weeks will be the Hang Out Hour on May 8. We will announce the next meeting as we get closer to opening our new space on Second Life. In the meantime, you can get involved on Facebook and Twitter, or reach us on our website contact form.

A reminder to all current vendors and tenants: Our current Second Life sim will be completely shutting down as of May 11. Don’t wait until the last minute to save all of your objects! If you have anything on our parcel that is irreplaceable, please take it into your inventory as soon as possible. All vendor spaces and apartments will completely disappear on or around May 11. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns that we can assist you with.

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About Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole (SL: JennyLin Arashi) is a founding member and Director of the GimpGirl Community. Jennifer is also a research associate in the Experiential Design and Gaming Environments (EDGE) Lab at Ryerson University. She has worked with Oregon Public Health to create state policy recommendations around women with disabilities and sexual health. Jennifer currently resides in Washington State. She is an invited speaker and author on topics such as disability, social media, technology and sexuality.

2 thoughts on “GimpGirl Moves to a New Sim

  1. Hey Gimp Girls, why don’t you move — all or part — into LEA11 for your “hiatus”? We’ve been awarded that sim for about 4 months for our “Alice in Cornelland” project. I’m happy to share some space / prims with you, and perhaps Gimp Girl can help think about the ideas in Alice in Cornelland which is a sort of quest for a “virtual haptic.” There’s info here:

    I think there could be some interesting idea connections. In any case, you’re welcome to set up camp at LEA11 with no requirements/obligation of any kind.

    Good luck you guys!

    • @Vaneeesa Blaylock: Thanks for the offer! We considered seeking a temporary interim location, but felt it would be both confusing and also more labor setting up than it would be worth for the few shorts weeks. We will also be busy setting up the new space. We seriously appreciate your support and your want to keep GimpGirl active! :)

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