Featured Work: Margie Suarez

One of the focuses of GimpGirl Community is to spotlight the work and voice of women with disabilities. Below is three amazing poems from Margie Suarez. Want your work featured? Contact us and let us know!

My name is Margie Suarez. I am working towards a Masters in creative writing.  My favorite poet is Maya Angelou. I would like to thank my family and friends for encouraging me to continue writing.

I’m not a Lovey-dovey Girl

I’m not a lovey-dovey girl.

That’s why,
when he agreed to be my hands
that first time I shooed away the butterfly infestation in my stomach.

When I revealed that cutting up food was a lost cause,
I didn’t let our hands touch when he passed the plate back to me.

When we eat,
he’s become expert at tucking a napkin in my shirt without
grazing what’s underneath.

Him in jeans and a grubby sweater is art.
I don’t look up anymore when he leaves (I promise).

Our dogs are both named after Yankees.
We agree that I’m the loud one.
The one thing we can’t agree on

is whether I’m worthy of his love.


At Becco

If I asked, would you feed me?
No. You’d let me starve
before seeing my mouth open,

watering for something
I thought I’d never have again.

There’s nothing to be scared of.
Don’t worry, it’s just spaghetti.


Rocking in Limbo

My hands tremble if I hold a book open for too long.
I bend paperbacks so that I can easily pick them up
when they decide

to jump.

My binders are filled with the
handwriting of others because the only thing I can write
with any speed or clarity is

my name.

I’ve given up on spaghetti.
It refuses to twirl around my shaking fork.

The only thing I can’t work around is the back spasm
that has changed into a knot.
It is a slight but persistent reminder.

I’ve been sitting too long.

I lean forward, back.
The embarrassed bridge of my hips are out on display.
My legs jump at the rustling of paper.

They search for a way out of the position that they’ve been put in.

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About Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole (SL: JennyLin Arashi) is a founding member and Director of the GimpGirl Community. Jennifer is also a research associate in the Experiential Design and Gaming Environments (EDGE) Lab at Ryerson University. She has worked with Oregon Public Health to create state policy recommendations around women with disabilities and sexual health. Jennifer currently resides in Washington State. She is an invited speaker and author on topics such as disability, social media, technology and sexuality.