Accessible Gynecologists


The following gynecologists are recommended by members because of their healthy attitude towards women with disabilities, and accessible clinics. Please keep in mind these are the opinions of their patients. Your opinion may vary.

If you would like to add your doctor to this list, please visit our Accessible Gynecologists Survey. Many women with disabilities neglect their gynecological health due to inaccessible facilities and fear of poor doctor support. Your input could not only save someone hours of research, but their life as well!

United States


Woman’s Care Clinic
2900 Whipple Ave # 135, Redwood City, CA 94062
Phone: 650-366-5594
Accessible Features: Elevator, good parking, low table, accessible bathroom right in the clinic
Observations: Mostly female doctors, one male. I prefer the female doctors. They were respectful and explained things well. Good clinic, feminist, great nurses and physician assistants and doctors.


Dr. Kel Harper
993 Johnson Ferry Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone: (404) 256-2943
Accessible Features: Staff make whatever adjustments you need
Observations: Doctor is male, early 50’s. Doctor Harper not only delivered without a hitch my high risk pregnancy he also did my ovarian cyst surgery, again brilliantly. Most of all, he is a reassuring positive human being. As my disability progresses, he and the staff always make me feel comfortable and able. Best of all, when a mammogram clinic he sent me to horribly mistreated me, one call to him and he came to my defense. He personally called the head of the hospital the clinic was connected with and made sure they got their act together. A year later when I, with his encouragement, went back to that same clinic, they NOW have a REAL “made just for ladies in wheelchairs” set up. I am made to feel like I am just another “lady”. It’s just normalizing without pandering to my disability. Doctor Harper is a positive caring doctor who somehow makes each of us (I have several friends who go to him) feel like we are his only patient. He has a great spirit and makes exams as positive as possible.


Dr. Karen Scott
101 Medical Heights Dr #D, Frankfort KY 40601
Phone: (502) 875-2468
Accessible Features: Electric adjustable tables, extremely well-informed and kind staff. There’s adequate parking and no barriers for wheelchair users from parking lot to exam rooms.
Observations: Dr. Scott is a middle-aged female. She’s Catholic, but has been exceptionally open-minded about my options for birth control and other sexuality issues. She’s amazingly patient, informed, and treats you holistically. Not only have I received excellent care from Dr. Scott, but she’s also given me a number of referrals to other competent, friendly, and welcoming medical professionals. I’ve been connected to dermatologists, orthopedics, and other branches of medicine thanks to her keen eye during exams and swift referral. They recently went over and above their responsibilities to gain insurance coverage for a particular drug I needed. I’m treated like an adult woman capable of making my own decisions. She’s developed a positive relationship with me and I feel comfortable disclosing private medical information to her. I’d strongly recommend this doctor for women with disabilities in the area. In my opinion, if your insurance provided coverage, I would even drive from Lexington or Louisville for her services.

New York

Initiative for Women with Disabilities
Elly & Steve Hammerman Health and Wellness Center, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, 301 East 17th Street, Suite 551, New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 598-6429
Accessibility Features: adjustable table with supporting leg rests, accessible bathroom, assist onto table, accessible scale
Observations: Like any patient.


Dr. Joanne Rudoff
6475 SW Borland Road Suite L., Tualatin, OR 97062
Phone: (503) 885-0164
Accessible Features: The access was fine to get into her office. We were able to use our sliding board to get me on to the table.
Observations: Female, mid-50s. I have seen this doctor before my accident and have worked with her for the last eight years. I called and left a message for her and she ended up calling me back on a Saturday afternoon to discuss it. Very rare for a doctor to call a patient back on a Saturday afternoon. I feel very confident with any information and examinations and testing she does.


Magee Center for Women with Disabilities
300 Halket St., Suite 5600
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Phone: (412) 631-4030
Accessibility Features: adjustable table, wheelchair scale, trained & competent staff, doctor will take all the time that you need and not even if it is more than one hour.
Observations: Plan to spend several hours there because they plan to keep you that long. The give complete service because they know its difficult to come back sometimes. Very personal attention, no rush, very good followup, nurse will answer questions and provide technical assistance anytime during the year on many topics. I’ve been going to the clinic for 10 years. The staff and doctors have changed during that time but they have consistently gotten better. Only doctors and nurses who want to be there are there.


Dr. Stephen Lamb
Millcreek Women’s Center at St. Mark’s Hospital
3900 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City, Utah
Accessibility Features: The office is in an accessible building with convenient handicapped parking and elevators. The office itself is ADA compliant but overly not accessible. They only have one room with an adjustable exam table and it is in their laser cosmetic room, which can get uncomfortably warm when the machine is on. The bathrooms are large and have at least one grip bar for those who need help getting up from a sitting position.
Observations: He is an older male. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon), but I didn’t know that until I saw he had written a book on sexuality between husband and wife. He a thorough physician and has obviously been in practice a long time. He never makes me feel like he’s in a rush or is impatient with questions – especially important if you’re pregnant. I do not care much for his phone nursing staff as they can sometimes make you feel stupid for the questions you ask or do not listen to the question fully. I’ve always felt very comfortable and their office staff is excellent. Dr. Lamb has never treated me differently from any of his other patients.


Dr. Richard Schroeder
Tacoma Family Medicine
521 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: (253) 403-4747
Observations: He is an older male who is professional and relaxed. Even though I had reservations about seeing a male gynecologist, I was totally comfortable working with him. His staff was very friendly and helpful as well. I have very limited mobility and use a power chair, so I was really nervous about going to see a new doctor after I moved because I have to be lifted on to the table and none of my attendants are able to lift me. My main doctor told me that they were obligated to lift me on to the table as long as I weighed under 200 pounds and to just make an appointment. I had my reservations about just showing up, so I let them know I would need assistance. It was completely a nonissue when I showed up. They coordinated people and safely got me on the adjustable table.